Monday, December 8, 2008

Research paper-- Saving The Swordfish

The swordfish is “a kind of the biggest and the fastest fish in the ocean” (Schwardz, Grossman-Garber & Milliken, 1993, p. 1337). It is an important marine resource. Also, it is endangered. “In 1997, the North Atlantic swordfish was on its way to being wiped out, the victim of years of overfishing and mismanagement” (NRDC, n.d, para. 1). People know that is a serious problem the extinction of the swordfish. So, humans who want to save the swordfish have done many things. For instance, there was an official department that made a decision that they would manage the number and the size of the swordfish that were caught by fishermen in the United States (Schwartz, 1993.). And, there are two conservation groups that want restaurants to stop serving the swordfish (Hallowell, 2001). According to these ways, they hope the populations can be restored in ten years (Hallowell, 2001). However, these ways are not enough to save the swordfish.

The result of saving the swordfish is too little. We should find out some ways which are really useful. What we need is the long term plan. We can save the swordfish for a long time with these plans. There are some ways that we have to start to save the swordfish. To change the dining habits, to educate public and set policies is very important.

First, we should change people’s dining habits. People have eaten the swordfish for a long time. It is hard to change the habits of people, especially their dining habit. People like to eat the swordfish steaks in the United States. There are many people of the world who are used to eating the swordfish. In addition, restaurants prefer the smaller swordfish because it is better size for a plate (Gosline, 2004). The size and the quality of the swordfish are good to be served in the restaurants. However, the young swordfish is not big enough to breed. As a result, the population of the swordfish has become smaller. Consequently, we should not eat the swordfish. We must use other fishes to replace the swordfish. For example, many years ago the tuna was also under the pressure of fishing. But the restaurants and the government successfully changed people’s dining habits. If we stop eating the swordfish, the pressure of fishing will be decreased. The population of the swordfish can be restored in ten years (Hallowell, 2001).

Second, we should work on education. People will change their thought to save the swordfish if they are given the right education. So, the first step is that people should know more about the swordfish because knowledge is the basic condition to change someone’s standpoint. There are many restaurants that put the introduction and profile of the swordfish on the guide when they stop serving the swordfish. It is a good activity that can explain why they don’t serve the swordfish. Then, the customer can understand the plight of the swordfish (Hallowell, 2001). In addition, we should teach our children something about environmental protection. Because of the early education, they can receive the thought more easily. After they grow up, they will know the importance of environmental protection (Yala, 2003). Actually, people do something stupid because of their illiteracy. “In the 1960s, fishermen adopted a more devastating technique called long-lining, which makes catching swordfish cheaper and quicker” (Hallowell, 2001, para.5). That way not only catches many swordfish at one time but also gets other marine animals (Schwartz, 1993.). It will harm the marine resources. So, we should tell the fishermen these influences could affect that less fish survival in the future. They will not get the swordfish any more. If the fishermen can change their mind to use a way that can decrease the damage to the marine resources, we can get the sustainable resources from the ocean.

Third, the government must set the policies in the right direction. The government is the leader to lead the public to do right things. For example, “The Commerce Department has followed through with a key fishery management element of President Clinton’s plan for the ocean environment” (NOAA, 1999, para. 2). If the president notices the subject, the department of the government will work on it harder. By this way, the department such as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will set laws to manage these problems. Recently, the department made a decision to ban export and import of the swordfish that are less than 33 pounds (NOAA, 1999, para. 5). They could control the number of the swordfish that are caught or imported (NOAA, 1999). Also, the government and the private groups can establish an alliance with which they can get better suggestions to protect the swordfish. One example is “an unusual alliance between two environmental organizations, the Natural Resources Defense Council and SeaWeb, and some of the nation's finest chefs, led by Nora Pouillon, owner of the Nora and Asia Nora restaurants in Washington (Hallowell, 2001, para. 3).” Even this kind of huge group may have power to negotiate with other countries that do not want to reduce fishing the swordfish, for example, in the United Nation. The United Nations has meetings that talk about how to save migratory species. At this time, they talk about how to protect the swordfish. The agenda will become the policies in many countries and even the international laws (NOAA, 1999). It is the most useful way to save the swordfish because laws can be available to ban the proposal and control the population of the swordfish.

In conclusion, if we want to save the swordfish, we must integrate many areas that are mentored above, the education, policies and dining habits. We should tell people not to eat the small swordfish, also teach the fishermen not to over fish. The swordfish is a very important marine resource. It is also an important part of the ocean food chain. People over fishing the swordfish, which is not only making the species extinct but also could cause a threat to the ocean ecosystem. In the end, we will not be able to get enough food from the ocean. Consequently, humans should keep the balance of the ocean especially its ecosystem. If we want to get the sustainable marine resources, we have to start to save the swordfish. Then we should extend to other species and the whole ecosystem.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008


E-commerce is the new type of business. There are more and more people who use computers and Internet. Also, many of them can’t live without the Internet in their life. The new type of life affects the rise of e-commerce. People can buy many things online and they don’t have to go out. There is a news item that told about the e-commerce on Black Friday. The customer spending is up 6% compared with the same day of last year (CNN, 2008). However, everyone knows that there are not only advantages but also disadvantages by using e-commerce.

There are more advantages than disadvantages. Many people are afraid of Internet so they don’t even shop online. However, it is because they don’t know the advantages of e-commerce. For example, it is convenient, safe and cheap.

First, shopping online is very convenient, because you can surf all of the website in the world. You can buy anything you want to buy. Internet is like a big mall that supplies lots of products (Robertson, 2006). Recently, more and more people depend on the Internet very much. People don’t want to go out shopping after work or in the free time; they would rather stay at home than go out. The Internet is the best place to trade for them. “It has peovided a method of easily finding what you are looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (Ball, 2008, para. 1). According to Ball, people who don’t like to go out in their free time can buy many things online. Even the products can be sent to you home on the same day. It is very convenient.

Second, it is safe. Many people think the e-commerce is not safe because most all the transactions require some of your information. Their private information will be known in using the e-commerce. However, people don’t know it is safe because they can check their account anytime to be sure of its safety. (, 2008). “Yes, your credit card information can be stolen. Yes, it’s possible for this to escalate into a case of identity theft. But, online shopping is the best invention since…well, since shopping, and you just can’t pass it up. I’m here to tell you that yes, you can shop the Internet safely, if you use your head” (, 2008, para. 2). So, use your credit card carefully and you can enjoy the online shopping.

Third, people can buy something cheaper online than the real stores. It is because there are many companies selling the same thing that you can figure out where you can buy the cheapest one (Robertson, 2006). For instance, on Black Friday, there are many people going to the mall or the stores to shop. There must be a traffic jam or too many people online, so you can’t get the Early bird price. “It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price” (Ball, 2008, para. 1). So, we can stay at home and surf the Internet to get good a deal. The websites sometimes don’t charge you tax or shipping fee. So, you can get the better price on it.

In conclusion, using the Internet to buy something that you want is very convenient and safe. Also you may get the better price online. Consequently, we should promote e-commerce and teach the public how to use it safely. Then, the new type of business will take the economy up. Our life will be more convenient and easier.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Precious memory

I like the raining day. I always enjoy the raining day by myself. My friends said that I look blue when I was in the raining day when I was a college student. I never tell them it's because I broke up with my first love in the raining day. However, it will not bother me. But why do I look blue? I guess that is because I like to think many thing at that time. I was getting love this weather that is a little cold sometimes the air is a little humid. It can calm down my thought and mood. After that day, the rain sometimes bring me bake to the season. I always remember the tears went on with the rain at the night. It is my preciouse memory. The raining day can remain me to be a better man. Also, I am not sad anymore. There is only the memory which make me stong left. Now, I still love raining day. I alos like see the rain in blue. I find the raining day makes my thought clearly. The value of the memory is that can remain me many thing. If there is one thing can wake my memory up, the precious memory. I am glade to enjoy it. I love the raining day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Vacation activities

In summer vocation, I like to go to the mountains. I spent almost half of my summer vacation in the mountains when I was a college student. There are many reasons that I like to spend my vocation in the mountains. First, the temperature is more comfortable and the air is fresher than where I live. Second, I like to enjoy the free time alone. I don’t want anything to bother me when I am on vacation. Third, it is the season when it is the time to collect beetles. I like to go into the forest to catch insects. However, I can’t go out in the winter vacation. I just can stay at home and watch TV the whole day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

To enjoy my free time

Many people like to handout with friends in their free time. Sometimes, I like to handout with friends but sometimes don't. I need to do something to run away from relationship, schoolwork and joib. So, I find a way that isolation can release my pressure. When I want to be along, I like to go into the nature especially beach. According to the sound of waves and insects, and the fresh air of the nature, I can feel calm. I remembered, the habit was starting when I broke up with my first girl friend. My friend and I went to the beach and see the ocean whole day. We drank and told for a long time. Sunddly, I feel more confortable and better. After that, I alread love the smell of the ocean. When I am upset, I alway go to the beach by myself. The nature can cure my bad mood.
However, there is a disappoint that there is no ocean nearby my school and SIUC. I can't go to the beach to speand by own free time. Fortunately, there is another way which can make me relex. I like to make a cup of tea and read the novel on the bed. Sometimes, the isolation is not so bad. Therefore, you should remember don't let the bad mood come into your mind when you are alone. To control the isolation carefully, you can enjoy your life and your own free time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yumin Wang
EAP2 A Writer’s Workshop
Summary Response #2

To Ban sell Small Swordfish

According to the author’s (1999) article “Commerce Department Makes Final Import Ban on Small Swordfish,” the swordfish imports must be managed. In NOAA’s “National Marine Fisheries Service,” they made a decision to announce a ban. In this ban, importer and fishermen were asked to stop selling undersized swordfish. The new rules can protect swordfish less than 33 pounds. Through effective management, we can control the number of Atlantic swordfish. There are already 22 countries that join this plan.

We should work hard to save the swordfish because it is a very important marine resource and has a role in the food chain. This plan can help us to save swordfish. However there are still some problems in it, such as diet favorite, fishing equipment and rules.

First, not everyone likes to eat adult fish. Many people believe young fish are more tender than adult fish. They like to eat small swordfish rather than eating adult swordfish. If there are many people who like to eat young swordfish, it is hard to ban fisherman supplying this kind of swordfish. Demand and supply always combine together. So, trying to change their thoughts is the first step.

Second, the traditional way of fishing the swordfish is using lances or fishing rods to catch them. However, these kinds of ways are too slow. Consequently, fishermen like to use long lines to catch the swordfish. There is a harmful disadvantage of using this new way, can catch all swordfish whether they are big or small. All countries should ban this kind of fishing way to protect small swordfish.

Third, NOAA’s rules only affect in the United States and some members of this group. Most other countries didn’t join this plan. Of course, they have their own reasons, that they depend on marine resources a lot, or their people like to eat small swordfish. For instance, Japanese like to eat raw fish, especially the tender meat of fish. So, Japan didn’t join this plan. If we want to solve this problem, we must work on this plan in the United Nations. Then, these countries will join this plan by the UN’s rules.

In conclusion, saving the swordfish is not an easy job that can be done by a few countries. We should invite as many countries as possible to join the plan. Saving the swordfish should not stop catching the swordfish. Just skip the smaller swordfish, so that they can reproduce later. In this way, we will have continuity marine resources.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I like to play table tennis. But it is not a popular sport in the United State. When I went to the recreation center to play basketball, I saw some people playing table tennis in a room. I was so excited about that because I thought there were few people who play table tennis in the United States before I came to America. The most different thing is many people don't use an academic paddle. They use the paddle supported by the recreation center, but we use good paddles in Taiwan. Second, people don't play very well here and few people like to play this in America but there are many people who play table tennis in Taiwan. We can find the table tennis clubs everywhere. These are differences in America. However there is a coach playing with us. My American friends are getting better in a short time.